Trade Center ‘Topped Out’ With Steel Column 1,370 Feet Above Street

December 24, 1970 ·

The 110‐story World Trade Center was “topped out” yes terday with the emplacement of a steel column 1,370 feet above the streets of Lower Manhattan.

A spokesman for the Port of New York Authority, which is directing construction of the building, said the 36‐foot long, four‐ton column was the first piece of steel to reach the highest point of the building.

The column, with an American flag attached—a tradi tion in “topping out”—was hoisted in place atop the North Tower Building at 11:30 A.M. The Trade Center became the world’s tallest building last Oct. 19 when its structure rose higher than the Empire State Building, which is 1,250 feet high, not includ ing the television mast which is 222 feet high.

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